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ICOSIA CAPITAL/spa is an investment capital company under Algerian law, with a share capital of 1.5 billion DZD. Its corporate purpose is:

  1. Participation in the share capital and any operation consisting of contributions of equity and quasi-equity in companies in creation, development.
  2. The investment capital activity is carried out by the company, for its own account or for the account of third parties and according to the stage of development of the company, object of the financing.


Activity of Icosia Capital:

Thus the scope of action of ICOSIA CAPITAL covers the following area of ​​activity, to support companies in creating wealth, namely:

Participation in companies in the process of:

  1. Creation in the form of venture capital;
  2. Development, in the form of development capital during the extension of their activity;

Activity sector targeted by Icosia:

It remains, however, understood that this choice can be extended to any opportunity that ICOSIA deems interesting or part of a synergy with the MADAR group.



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