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Our Participations

Our participations

MADAR Holding Participations

MADAR Holding has ten (10) participations with Algerian and foreign partners. In the field of tobacco, MADAR has a 51% stake in the United Tobacco company (UTC), and 49% in the Algerian-Emirati tobacco company (staem). In the textile industries, he owns 18% of the tayal company, an Algerian-Turkish partnership. In the food industry MADAR is a 40% shareholder in jumagro industrie.

there is also an association in the Algerian hotel investment company (SIH), up to 11%. In the automotive industry, MADAR is a 34% shareholder in Renault Algérie Production and 20% in ZF Algérie Sarl.

Similarly, in the areas of protection of property and people, MADAR is a 13.46% shareholder in the security and surveillance company Center (SGS), and 26% in the security and surveillance company (SGS- SOGISS).

In the field of training, MADAR is a 7% shareholder within the framework of a public-private partnership group called Algerian Corporate Universities (GACU).

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