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About INAYA foundation

“INAYAFoundation is a non-profit association created and 100% owned by MADAR-Holding / Spa (joint stock Company). 

Its object relates to social action, community support and the development and strengthening of education and scientific and medical research in Algeria.  This foundation draws its essence from the values ​​which deeply permeate Algerian society and which characterize the corporate culture within MADAR Holding. 

The INAYA foundation aims to contribute, through its activities and actions, to improving the health, intellectual and material conditions of people eligible for medical, social and material needs.

Concretely, the foundation provides assistance through donations to associations or organizations participates directly or indirectly in research and medical training and contributes in terms of sponsorship to various actions and activities in these fields. 

Regarding the resources of the foundation, they consist of membership fees, donations in cash or in kind, bequests, subsidies granted by the State and income related to the activities it can undertake. 

The foundation operates through four organs, including the foundation office composed of five members, the executive committee in charge of administration, the general assembly and the supervisory body. 

The foundation is domiciled in Belouizdad (Algiers).  The “INAYA” Foundation, a non-profit association: educational development, community support, social action, scientific and medical research. 


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