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The Global Agri-Food company created on November 30, 2017 is a joint stock company member of MADAR Holding. it is created with the aim of:

  • Meet the expectations of public authorities in terms of food security
  • Reduced import bill
  • Export diversification

GLOBAL AGRI-FOOD has adopted in its business development strategy, the establishment of integrated agro-food hubs, intensively over large areas to support the entire value chain and a circular economy for better profitability.

Global Agri-Food's activity

Global Agri-Food is currently evolving in the following areas of activity:

  • Agricultural counters El Affroun and Sétif
  • Tobacco processing
  • Hassi Lahdou farm (wilaya of Ouargla)
  • Ghazaouet aquaculture farm (ongoing project

The company mainly operates in the agriculture and agro-industry sector and the production of goods in the agro-industrial sector with some secondary activities, such as:

  • Retail Distribution
  • Wholesale distribution
  • Import for resale as is
  • agricultural export

Sectors of activity Global Agri Food targets



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Global Agri-Food / Membre de Madar Holding

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Global Agri-Food / Membre de Madar Holding